Me and the Bread Man

Me and the Bread Man
Me and the Bread Man

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ahhh....Spring Break

Now, this title and content of this post may not be news to anyone, but I know of no student who does not love spring break. Not only have we actually had a few spring-like moments, but actually having to not go to class as opposed to skipping is a beautiful thing. We got to take the kids to feed the ducks yesterday, with a ton of bagels that Jacob had from his stores. Easy, fun, and better yet, free entertainment. Little Miss Payton, however, could not truly relax for fear of the geese who were so not afraid of her. A few photo ops, lunch, preschool, and Avery took a really good nap that day while it rained away the afternoon.

Just a quick update on our lives: Payton started soccer, Bryant just started track, I am starting softball, and everyone else goes along for the ride. I cannot wait for summer, now that I have had a taste of sunshine. Some of it artificial, I admit, but hey, I have a wedding next weekend, and I am wearing a black dress. I need to look a tad healthier, and a little less albino.

My only wish over this wonderous break, is that I could actually accomplish all of the goals I had set for myself. There are many assignments that need to be done, and I really wanted to finish off a couple classes to clear my space for the final push to my degree. What I can exactly do with that degree remains to be seen, but having it will make me feel like a part of myself is complete. Not a bad feeling. So to all of you spring breakers out there, have fun, relax, and never forget the power of procrastination. I can feel it just eating away at my last Sunday of break!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Privacy and Procrastination

First off, let's begin this post by saying I should not be posting. I have one child who needs to go to bed (the youngest who refuses), homework to do, and a kitchen that is begging to be mopped. However, procrastination sounds so much more fun. I have been methodically searching for a new truck on craigslist, reading blogs from classmates that don't know I read them, and wasting precious life moments on the facebook. How's that for a fun time? While doing these things, I began to wonder, have we as a society lost our privacy? I mean, I can read all about the aforementioned classmate's life, while she literally has no idea that I think she is so much cooler than me, and I wish I could be her. I always wanted to be the cool chick. This is not in my destiny. As for facebook, I can look up people for hours on end, with no repercussions. Fun stuff!! Who hasn't looked up an old boyfriend or two (or all of them, let's be honest), or the girls who you really hope are now fat. I have, and I am only ashamed to admit it most days. Whatever happened to privacy? There are some things that need not be said, and while I appreciate getting updates on life, jobs, kids, etc. from various social sites, it is not the place to put the little details of your life that should remain private. It is like the phone. You don't always have to answer it, that is why caller id was invented, and it does have a power button. Sometimes, I just want an entire day of privacy, anyone else?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ready for a New Year!

While I do recognize that this is almost half a month into the new year, I finally feel ready to begin. Week one of school is down, kids are all back in school, and I have decided which New Year's Resolutions I am scrapping, and which ones are hanging around. I hope everyone has a great 2011. We have decided to stay put for awhile (I am beyond tired of moving), finish school, and get reaquainted with the L-C valley life. I have some really exciting things to look forward to this year, including a friend's wedding, a new niece, nephew, and babies galore from other important friends and family. It is a good thing everyone else is having these babies; takes the pressure and desire off of me to have any more!! So here's to a great year filled with happiness, health, and laughter!!